Life Events Diary print labels

These labels work with your Life Events Diary to help generate tailored mailings. Pack of 20 sheets, with 10 labels per sheet.


This is a specially-produced set of labels to use with a Life Events Diary account, so you can produce tailored mailings for specific groups of contacts.

If you have a Life Events Diary account and want to send an invitation or a greetings card to specific groups of people, follow the instructions from your Diary dashboard to select which people you’d like address labels for, (for example all parents of children baptised in the last year). Once your contact group is selected, place the right number of label sheets in your printer and then print. These labels precisely line up with your on-screen addresses, resulting in a neat print-out every time.

The Diary and matching labels are especially useful for larger follow-up mailings, such as when you want to invite contacts to services like Christmas, Remembering services, Easter or other special events.