Vocations Prayer Postcard

Pack of 20 postcards designed to encourage the congregation to pray for the vocation of a friend, and to share that prayer with them.


A key moment in the vocational journey of many people has been found to be when a friend or family member gives them a nudge. A trusted person asking if you have considered a particular calling such as lay or ordained ministry or religious life, gives a voice to a vocation that may otherwise lay dormant. The postcard is perforated so that it can easily be torn in half to be shared between two people. One half is a reminder to pray for the vocation of a friend. The other half is a prompt to think about what God’s call might be (including the website for the CofE vocations site). There is a space on one half for a name, and space for a message or to write a particular vocation on the other half.

Use them in a service during a time of prayer or hand out the cards and ask people to pray at home, encourage people to tell someone that they are praying and to give them the other half of the postcard.

For more information on nurturing vocations visit www.churchsupporthub.org