Christening Website Business Card

A simple business card to let people know about the Church of England christenings website. Can be given to parents, godparents, or anyone who may like to visit Get 100 cards at £3.50 per pack.


The website offers help and information for parents, godparents and guests involved in a christening. Whether a family is just thinking about having their child baptised or are already making plans, there are sections on the site to guide them at each step and help them understand more about what a christening means. Inspiration, ideas and reflections on continuing the journey after the christening are also featured on the site.

This business card, with a photo design on one side and the website address on the other, can be used to highlight the site to anyone who might find it helpful. Hand them out personally when meeting and visiting families, for example at baptism preparation events. Parents might also like a few cards themselves to give to their godparents.