Christenings Godparents’ Sunday Publicity Poster

These posters can be used to help you publicise your Godparents’ Sunday service. Can be customised with your own Godparents' Sunday date. There is also space for your own service details.


Godparents’ Sunday is a response to research undertaken on behalf of the Archbishops’ Council looking at parents’ real experiences and expectations around the baptism of their child. One of the biggest findings of the research was that godparents really matter to families. For more about this, visit the Church Support Hub.

So setting apart a Sunday to celebrate and pray for this special relationship is a great opportunity to share with families and ask for God’s blessing on godparents and godchildren everywhere.

If you choose to host a Godparents’ Sunday service, at a date of your choosing, these specially-produced posters will help you publicise it.

They can be placed all around your parish, as well as inside and outside your church for all to see, extending a welcome to godparents and godchildren of all ages. Be sure to enter your service details before you order.