Christenings Greetings Card For Godparents - Single Parent

Pack of 10 cards for the church to give to single parents, so they can say thank you to godparents. Affirms the godparents’ role, and includes a full-colour fridge magnet gift inside as a reminder to pray.


This special card helps a parent know the church takes godparents as seriously as they do and is worded specifically for single parents. It says ‘thank you’ and helps godparents know they are valued.

Church of England research showed that the biggest reason (by a small margin) that parents gave for wanting their child to be christened was to ensure he or she had godparents. So it is almost impossible to overstate the importance of godparents to families and this needs acknowledging and applauding.

The card is a keepsake, includes all the main responsibilities of a godparent and a simple prayer. So it has a practical purpose too. The prayer is printed on a fridge magnet, detachable from inside the card, giving the godparent a daily reminder to think of their godchild and to pray for them.

There is plenty of space for the parent to customise it themselves with a photo of their child and their own details and message.