Christenings Guest Bookmark

This pack of 100 bookmarks gives guests information about how to visit the website, light a virtual candle and encourages them to be a part of all that is happening. £9.00 per pack.


This guest bookmark may given out as guests leave the church, and can be highlighted during the service as something they will be able to take away with them.

Families can bring scores of friends and extended family to celebrate with them. The guests’ experience of the service will form an impression of what church, and God, is like. You can extend the welcome of the church by offering something to them too.

Talk about how everyone can play a part in the child’s life, however near or far they may live, and the bookmark will help them remember.

It encourages them to pray and directs them to the ‘Light a Candle’ feature in the christenings website. Because each virtual candle that is lit can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, it’s a simple but effective mission tool.

If you wish, the card can be personalised with your church’s details on the back before you order.