Prayer Candle Giveaway

Box of 10 ready-made gift boxes which are just big enough to hold a tealight (supplied inside). With a prayer on one side and the weddings website address on the other, they’re a simple gift to give away.


This gift has been trialled at National Weddings Shows and almost without exception, it is received with surprise and delight by couples, regardless of where they are getting married. The ready-assembled gift box holds one standard tea light (supplied inside), and displays a simple prayer on one side and the Church of England weddings website address on the other. The prayer, which references 'marriage', is a reminder of life beyond the wedding day. It can be given at any time along the wedding planning journey, but may have particular impact at your first meeting with the couple, at marriage preparation events or meetings, or as a welcoming gift if the couple come to hear their banns.