Weddings Congratulations Card Pack

Pack of 20 greetings cards (4 copies of 5 different designs), to keep in touch and say ‘congratulations’ to couples after their marriage. 1 – 4 packs, £6.25 per pack. 5 or more packs, £5.00 per pack.

*With envelopes provided


Couples feel a positive, ‘warm glow’ towards the church after their wedding day, but that feeling can quickly fade if the church fails to keep in touch. And many couples are delighted to hear from their vicar after the wedding. This card is designed to send to couples after they return from honeymoon, sending warm congratulations from the vicar and everyone at the church. This can come from either the marrying church or the local church if they marry elsewhere. Church details can be printed on the card before you order if you wish.