Funerals 3D Table Stand

A conversation aid to clarify options for a Church of England-led funeral. Especially suitable for the coffee table in a funeral director’s office, vicarage or church office.


Research shows that options for a Church of England-led funeral are sometimes misunderstood by funeral directors and families. There is a common misconception that a Church of England funeral is only appropriate for those with a clearly defined Christian faith and that options for personalisation are limited. As a result, a funeral director may steer families towards a secular celebrant, not realising that a Church of England-led funeral is perfectly possible and suitable in many cases. This 3D Table Stand displays the facts, emphasising that a Church of England funeral is open to all, can take place in locations other than a church, is flexible enough to be personal and includes ongoing support afterwards. Arrives flat-packed and can be quickly assembled into an eye-catching 3D stand. Take it to local funeral directors, explain the options to them and ask to leave it on their meeting room table to help them talk to families. It may also be useful to have on display at the vicarage or church office if you have meetings with bereaved families there.