Funerals Information Leaflet

A high quality, full-colour leaflet to give brief information direct to contacts or to a Funeral Director.

148mm x 148mm


per Pack of 20


People can be thinking about funerals for all sorts of reasons, but aren’t necessarily aware that a Church of England-led funeral is open to all. This leaflet outlines basic information about how a church can support a family when someone they love dies and encourages them to ‘Just Ask’ about a church-led funeral.

Crucially, the leaflet makes it clear that the person who died did not have to be ‘religious’ or a churchgoer to have a Church of England funeral – a common misconception among families and also Funeral Directors. Key choices which are possible in a Church of England-led funeral, such as the location, are also explained.

Leave a bundle of these leaflets with your local Funeral Directors, at nursing care homes and hospices and as part of your usual leaflet display in church. They can also be given out as part of a GraveTalk event if you choose to host one.