Just Ask Indoor Pop-up Banner

A decorative, roll-up banner to display inside church to encourage enquiries and conversations about baptisms, weddings and funerals services.


We might assume that the public at large understands what the church can offer them at life’s big moments – when a child arrives in the family, when a marriage begins and when a life ends. But misconceptions about baptisms, church weddings and funerals and all the possibilities that are open to people, still exist. This affects how people approach the church at these times, and more crucially, whether they approach us at all.

This banner helps create an eye-catching display inside your church to proactively encourage questions and conversations about these three occasions. We know from research that keeping in touch with new people can spark the beginning of a lifelong journey of faith and all life events resources will help you sustain that contact too.

The rolled-up banner is simply pulled out of its holder to create a sturdy display that stands up on its own. Measures 850mm x 2m when open, and rolls away again into its holder for easy storage.

Can be used to draw people to a table displaying leaflets about each of the occasions – all available to buy separately.