Funerals Planning Booklet

A 12 page, A5 booklet that anyone can use to record their wishes for their own funeral. Includes an explanation of the choices available for a Church of England funeral.


Our research shows that making choices for a funeral is often difficult for families because they don’t know the wishes of the person who died. And some families can live with regret for many years because they made choices that they were later unhappy about.

This booklet offers a place for anyone to record their funeral wishes ready for their family when the time comes. The booklet explains that by doing this, the funeral planning process for those left behind is so much easier. It offers an explanation of the choices which can be made for a Church of England funeral, including the different locations, and provides suggestions and spaces to write preferences for hymns, readings and other ways to remember a unique life.

Funerals can be on someone’s mind for lots of reasons. The booklet can be given to individuals, given out at church, or left in places such as nursing homes or hospices.