Funerals Sympathy Card Pack

One of a series of cards to send at key moments after a funeral: for example one month, one year, two years.

1 – 4 packs, £7.20 per pack. 5 or more packs, £5.20 per pack.


This series of cards offers a range of designs and words of comfort and hope to give, or send. They offer the continuing thoughts, prayers and support of the church, along with contact details if you enter them before you order.

Sympathy cards are often taken down around one month after the funeral, and messages of support for the family may begin to subside. This is a good time to assure a grieving family of the continuing support of the church.

They can be sent as time goes on, for example one month after the funeral, one year, two years. There is no prescription for when they should be sent – the appropriate intervals of time between each card may differ for each family.

Each pack contains:

  • 10 x cards with the stones image
  • 10 x cards with the blossom image